005: Worried About Financial Penalties? Darren Campbell Shares What Makes MCAP Mortgages Different

Kyle Miller talks with Darren Campbell, Business Development Manager of MCAP in Ottawa, ON, about mortgages offered by MCAP and their emphasis on customer service.


Darren Campbell is the Business Development Manager of MCAP in Ottawa, ON. Darren grew up in Nova Scotia, later graduating from Saint Mary’s University where he studied Commerce. After university, he pursued a career in finance. Eventually moving to Thunder Bay in 2001 as a Branch Manager, the company Darren worked for was bought out. A few years after working for RBC, he decided it was time for a change in fields and transitioned towards the mortgage business in 2006.

Darren shares about the flexible options available for clients of MCAP, what makes their mortgage plans unique, and what consumers should look for when buying a new home.


Key Points

  • [1:10] Tell us about yourself.
  • [4:53] There are many lending opportunities that consumers are unaware of.
  • [5:45] Clients have flexible options.
  • [6:50] MCAP emphasizes on mortgages.
  • [7:56] What else does MCAP specialize in?
  • [8:30] MCAP is responsible for over 210,000 homes.
  • [8:54] MCAP operates in every province of Canada.
  • [10:18] The monoline space is large primarily because of securitization.
  • [11:37] Where does MCAP receive their money from?
  • [12:01] Our investors are the driving source of our business.
  • [13:38] How we operate behind the scenes is what sets us apart.
  • [14:39] The recent changes affect the market, but strong lenders will continue to be strong lenders.
  • [15:48] With every change comes opportunity.
  • [15:52] What is the typical new client experience?
  • [17:01] We have a large online portal.
  • [17:51] People who have questions about their mortgage commonly look online or call someone.
  • [18:54] What are the three main things setting MCAP apart from banks?
  • [20:15] Penalties are much higher through a bank.
  • [20:44] Our niche is service.
  • [21:28] What is the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?
  • [21:46] If your money isn’t working for you, it’s working for someone else.


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