002: Looking to Move Out of the City? Joey Van Benthem Shares Tips for Rural Real Estate

Kyle Miller talks with Joey Van Benthem about rural real estate in the Manotick, ON area. They discuss what to expect if you’re looking to move out of the city and into the country.


Joey Van Benthem is a Real Estate Professional with Royal LePage Team Realty in Manotick, ON. Joey specializes in the country living and rural sections of Ottawa. While working with a courier delivery service company, Joey found an interest in sales. He transitioned to a career in real estate because of his love for working with people.

Joey shares tips for those looking to move to the country and the different kinds of rural real estate.


Key Points

  • [2:03] Are there any specific places you show to those looking to live out of the city?
  • [3:05] What is a good reason for someone to move south?
  • [3:53] One of the major factors for those in country living is the privacy.
  • [4:30] Are there different “levels” of country living?
  • [4:53] How do the services differ depending on location?
  • [6:08] Wells and septic tanks will last longer if they’re looked after.
  • [7:18] How does your experience as a rural-focused agent separate you from a typical city realtor?
  • [7:57] When looking to buy in the country, work with a realtor who has knowledge and practical life experience.
  • [9:07] Should buyers new to rural living be concerned about factors like wells and septic tanks?
  • [10:20] How could the price points and driving distance affect a buyer’s interest in a rural property?
  • [11:49] What is the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?
  • [12:53] If someone is interested in rural real estate, what should they look for in a realtor?

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