009: Jordan Stitt Makes Your Home Work For You

Kyle Miller talks with Jordan Stitt of Bennett Pros in Ottawa, ON about getting the most value out of your property.


Jordan Stitt is a sales representative with Bennett Pros, based in Ottawa, ON. First starting his real estate career in 2007, Jordan has now worked with Bennett Pros for over 8 years. The condominium market was booming when Jordan was finishing post-secondary school, allowing for a smooth transition into the field. Through a connection with a friend from hockey, Jordan was able to utilize his references and degree in Economics to begin working with Bennett Pros.

Jordan shares insights for making your home work for you, effectively renting out a property, and how different generations respond to the current state of the market.


Key Points

  • [1:04] Share a bit about yourself and how you got into the business.
  • [2:24] I specialize in condo sales.
  • [4:31] This amount of condo inventory has increased 27% since last year, with a 9% increase in overall sales.
  • [5:34] Work with a strong agent who understands the market.
  • [6:53] When buying pre-construction, still work with an expert.
  • [8:16] Tell us about the “cooling period.”
  • [9:55] What about renting out a condo as the owner?
  • [11:07] Determine whether you want to focus on short-term or long-term gain.
  • [14:02] Our support staff is tremendous and we specialize in customer relations.
  • [14:53] We want to put first time buyers in a house which works for themselves.
  • [15:20] In a recent sale we had a college student able to rent out the other rooms in his home while he went to school.
  • [19:01] We aim to help buyers find their ideal home.
  • [21:08] A large portion of our market consists of Boomers and Millennial.
  • [22:11] What are some common price points?
  • [25:40] The location is a major factor of pricing.
  • [27:53] How would you respond to common stereotypes of Millennials?
  • [29:55] What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in working with clients?
  • [32:25] Renovations can be contributed to the mortgage ideally.
  • [34:28] What’s the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?
  • [34:41] Working with an agent has no cost, and they want to help the client.