013: Investing for the Future and Your Family with a Reverse Mortgage

Kyle Miller talks with Ian Lavigne from HomEquity Bank about reverse mortgages.


Ian Lavigne is the Business Development Manager for the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec region. With 20 years of experience, Ian believes in working with his referral partners to help seniors reduce financial stress in their golden years.

Ian grew up in Waltham, Quebec, has served 7 years in the military and enjoys skiing.

Reverse Mortgage Form Payslip Purchase Order Concept

Key Points

  • [0:55] How did you get into
  • [2:03] What are some of the recent¬†implements¬†in the new year?
  • [3:01] How does a reverse mortgage differ from the norm?
  • [5:45]¬†What is a reverse mortgage?
  • [7:14] We are currently the only Canadian providers.
  • [8:12] What are the similarities with a traditional mortgage? And with¬†the banks?
  • [9:40] Can you clear up some misconceptions about reverse mortgages?
  • [11:40] What about typical Google searches for reverse mortgages?
  • [13:58] So, do you take people’s homes?
  • [16:34] How does a reverse mortgage affect its equity?
  • [17:35]¬†Does age affect the amount of a reverse mortgage?
  • [21:10] What are the advantages of a reverse mortgage?
  • [23:05] The client is in the driver’s seat.
  • [26:05] How does the client close the deal?
  • [32:55] How is net rate affected?
  • [34:55] Utilize this asset while you have the chance to.
  • [36:41] What are typical rates¬†and fees?
  • [39:35] What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?