003: Interested in Buying a Property? Diane DeCooman Discusses How a Buyer Contract Can Secure a Dream Home

Kyle Miller talks with Diane DeCooman, a real estate agent with Century 21 Action Power Team in Ottawa, ON, about buyer representation agreements and the importance of building relationships with clients.


Diane DeCooman has been a licensed real estate agent since 1996, working with Century 21 Action Power Team in Ottawa, ON. Her love of people led her to the business, first learning about opportunities through family members. She values honesty and integrity, and believes in the importance of building relationships with her clients.

Diane discusses the benefits of buyer representation agreements and the potential risks of working without them.


Key Points

  • [1:13] How did you get into the real estate business?
  • [1:54] What is a buyer contract?
  • [3:00] As a client, the brokerage has a special responsibility to follow your instructions.
  • [3:38] What are the obligations of the buyer? Of the broker?
  • [4:10] Do people need to sign a buyer contract?
  • [5:19] Is there a cost to clients?
  • [5:39] Are there limitations to the buyer if they choose not to sign a contract?
  • [6:20] Can you give an example of what kind of details cannot be disclosed to a buyer not on contract?
  • [7:09] Is this different from dual agency?
  • [7:55] What happens if a buyer is interested in a home for sale by the owner?
  • [8:44] What happens to the client in a buyer contract if their relationship with the agent becomes strained?
  • [9:22] Can you share a past experience you’ve learned from?
  • [11:58] What should people look for in an agent?
  • [12:57] What is the best advice you’ve received in business?
  • [13:06] Be true to yourself and honest to your clients.


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