012: How a Lawyer Can Protect Your Real Estate Deals

Kyle Miller talks with Josée Virgo, lawyer and partner with Dust Evans Grandmaitre -soon to be Grandmaitre Virgo Evans in Ottawa, ON. They discuss the importance of a lawyer when buying and selling real estate.


Specializing in business law, commercial real estate, and commercial leasing, Josée Virgo is a partner at Dust Evans Grandmaitre – soon to be Grandmaitre Virgo Evans. She is passionate about people and ensures the best possible deals for her clients. She began her career at Dust Evans in 2002. Her expertise and love for the industry have driven her continued success in this field. Believing that a team approach is most effective in deals, she works diligently with the staff to ensure the best result for clients.

Kyle and Josée discuss the importance of including a lawyer in any and all real estate deals.


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Key Points

  • [1:04] How did you know you wanted to work in law?
  • [3:15] Do you specialize in other areas? Or primarily real estate?
  • [4:01] What about in the case of divorce and real estate?
  • [4:37] What is the role of a lawyer in buying or selling a home?
  • [6:08] Can you share an example of a problem you’ve seen and were able to solve?
  • [8:14] Should owners contact you when they are the ones selling directly?
  • [10:55] Talk to us about title insurance.
  • [14:12] What if lenders are swapped?
  • [14:39] Can you explain more about land transfer tax credit?
  • [18:01] Be aware of the risks when going into a deal. Work with an expert to better understand your situation.
  • [18:39] What is something your clients should know when going into a deal?
  • [20:15] What are some of the additional fees people may not be aware of?
  • [26:00] How are buyers affected differently than sellers with fees?
  • [28:09] What should people look for in a lawyer? What should people be aware of?
  • [29:54] Should clients be worried if they rarely meet with their lawyer?
  • [31:25] What is the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?

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