007: Former Coach Colin Zappia on Common Pitfalls of Buyers and Sellers

Kyle Miller talks with Colin Zappia of Sutton Group – Premier Realty in Ottawa, ON. They discuss the common pitfalls of buyers and sellers in the real estate market.


Colin Zappia is a real estate agent with Sutton Group – Premier Realty in Ottawa, ON. Sutton Ottawa primarily specializes in real estate in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Its personal and reliable products and services ensure high quality customer relations and the best possible deals for its buyers and sellers. Founded in 1983, Sutton now serves with over 9,000 agents across Canada.

Colin was raised in the Ottawa area and worked as a buyer in the high-tech world for over seven years. After transitioning to a non-profit sales role, raising over $6 million for the Ottawa community, Colin moved into a position as a real estate agent. He has also worked with Rogers TV since 2005 and now hosts Overtime – The Hockey Show.

Colin discusses how to budget wisely and understand common pitfalls during the buying and selling process in the real estate market.


Key Points

  • [0:58] Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • [2:24] What advice would you give to those looking to buy a home?
  • [2:53] Figure out your financial situation with your mortgage professional.
  • [3:24] Hope is not a solution.
  • [3:40] Understand your budget.
  • [3:51] People tend to look too far ahead before figuring out their present situation.
  • [4:31] What are some common misunderstandings in the home buying process?
  • [5:47] Have realistic expectations.
  • [6:03] The market is constantly changing.
  • [6:29] How do you direct your clients to buying the right home?
  • [8:15] We believe in the importance of educating clients.
  • [8:59] What should sellers do differently to stand out from other listings?
  • [10:27] What does a typical transaction process look like?
  • [13:25] If the seller is happy, the buyer is happy.
  • [14:01] My business is primarily built on referrals.
  • [14:34] I specialize in numerous areas instead of one particular area.
  • [15:02] What should people look for when working with a realtor?
  • [16:23] Trust is a major factor.
  • [18:02] Communication is key in this business.
  • [18:49] What is the best real estate advice you’ve ever received?
  • [19:18] Stay within your means.
  • [20:03] Your first home does not have to be your forever home.
  • [21:53] I host a bi-weekly show on Rogers TV, Overtime – The Hockey Show.


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