010: Councillor George Darouze Recognizes the Value of Strong Rural Communities

Kyle Miller talks with George Darouze, City Councillor for Osgoode Ward in Ottawa, ON.


George Darouze is the City Councillor for Osgoode Ward, located in Ottawa, ON.

First arriving as an immigrant to Ottawa in 1990, George has developed a passion for the community of his city. His position with for the city guided by his expertise in leadership and corporate work, bringing him to his current role as Councillor since December 2014. As Councillor, his primary role is to ensure that the rural community of Osgoode Ward has a seat at the table and a voice at City Hall, ensuring the healthy development and growth of the city and its surrounding communities.

George discusses how he became Councillor, trends he has seen in the Ottawa real estate market, and upcoming initiatives for the growth of the city of Ottawa and community of Osgoode Ward.

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Key Points

  • [1:00] Tell us about how you became councillor.
  • [1:53] What is Osgoode Ward?
  • [1:58] Osgoode Ward is as big as the city of Montreal.
  • [2:16] Ottawa is considered “dynamic.”
  • [3:38] I have a background in corporate and leadership, with a passion for community.
  • [6:27] I am the man I am today because of the community.
  • [6:57] How did you and your wife decide to move to this community specifically?
  • [8:59] The area we moved to is in a good central location.
  • [9:38] What was the pricing like when you first moved here?
  • [11:30] What have the last two years been like for you as a councillor?
  • [12:28] The skills from my previous positions have transferred over well.
  • [13:12] What are some challenges you anticipate moving forward?
  • [14:50] Our city continues to grow.
  • [15:44] How have finances been invested into road work?
  • [17:13] We communicate with the people as we make progress.
  • [20:14] It is uncommon to find rural settings within a city.
  • [20:48] What are some upcoming initiatives?
  • [21:02] Investing in renovations for the city, especially on road construction.
  • [23:08] What areas do you see growing?
  • [24:35] What are the boundaries of Osgoode Ward?
  • [27:37] My job is to lead the community.
  • [28:21] Communication with the people is key.
  • [32:00] The way of living is much different in rural areas compared to the inner city.
  • [33:13] Know about the area you’re moving to before going there.

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