039: How Children’s Wish Foundation and Habitat For Humanity Help Make Ottawa A Better Place

This week on the show Kyle has Tammy Douglas from the Children’s Wish Foundation and Shawna Blanchard from Habitat for Humanity.



It can be hard to decide on which charities to support. This week I decided to have 2 of my personal choices, Children’s Wish Foundation and Habitat For Humanity. Both these organizations are active in the community and you know where your time and/or money are going.

Key Points (Click the timecode to go to that part of the interview)

  • [5:25] Who is The Children’s Wish Foundation?
    • The Children’s Wish Foundation helps children living with a life-altering illness an opportunity to fulfill their most heartfelt wish.
    • We grant 3 wishes a day.
  • [11:40] Just thinking about the wish that the child might want gives them a much-needed distraction. it’s not just a wish. It’s a hope for the whole family.
  • [14:40] Barnaby story.  Barnaby and his family are awesome!  He’s up to $3,727 J.  His goal is $10,000 by the time he cuts his hair at the end of March!
  • [20:00] If you have any special skills and want to help, don’t hesitate to reach out. You don’t always have to contribute money.
  • [22:00] Where do people go to find out about upcoming events?
    • After you register an event you can find it on our website www.childrenswish.ca. Everything is in the Chapters and Events section.
  • [23:30] What are the 4 major events you do every year?
    • Heros Challenge – This is a corporate team building challenge. It’s a fun-filled afternoon of challenges where the participants can to spend the day with the child they are helping.
    • Savor the moment – Is a food and drink event. We bring together 22 local eateries and wineries with live music.
    • Princess Party / Superhero Dance Party – The kids get to dance with their favorite hero. This event is geared for the kids.
  • [35:55] Our next guest is Shawna Blanchard from Habitat for Humanity.
  • [37:00] How did you end up working with Habitat for Humanity?
    • I worked for 18 years with Scotia Bank but as the years went by I started to feel unfulfilled. So I applied to work with HH and have never looked back.
  • [41:45] A lot of people don’t know we operate and build in the city of Ottawa.
  • [42:00] We help build strength and stability through affordable homeownership.
  • [44:10] There is a 7-year wait list to get into social housing. Every family we can help move up out of that system frees a spot for another family.
  • [44:50] Because not many people know we operate in Ottawa the wait list is shorter than many would think. We are currently building 16 townhomes in Orleans.
  • [46:30] Eligible families have to put in 500 hours helping build the home as ‘sweat equity’ instead of a downpayment.
  • [47:00] What keeps people from reaching out to HH?
    • Lack of knowledge.
    • Fear of living in a neighborhood they don’t want to live in.
    • They might think the quality of the home is poor.
  • [48:40] Where does the rest of the equity come from?
    • After the 500 hours is put in by the new homeowner the rest comes from 100% volunteers.
  • [49:25] The mortgage we give the new homeowner is based on their wage. It’s an interest-free mortgage for 20 Years. That’s only 20% of their income and every year we re-evaluate.
  • [58:40] How does a Habit for Humanity construction effect property values?
    • We often have a town hall meeting with the community to get their thoughts about us building in their community.
    • All of our builds are sponsored by big companies and brands, and the buildings are built by professional Architects who are volunteering their time.
  • [1:03] How does someone volunteer?
    • Individuals can sign up on our website.
    • Corporations and groups should reach out to Shawna Blanchard.

Contact Children’s Wish Foundation 

Contact Habitat for Humanity

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