038: Solar Power In Ontario Pt 1

Thoma Simpson is my guest this week.



Thoma Simpson is an expert on renewable energy in the province of Ontario.  Kyle and Thoma talk about how far solar power has come in the last 20 years and where it’s going. Thomas also explains grid parity and how net meeting can save you thousands of dollars.


Key Points (Click the timecode to go to that part of the interview)

  • [05:44] What do you do?
    • Switch energy helps clients figure out what renewable power option is best for them.
  • [8:00] Rooftop solar installations are some of the most profitable and cost-effective options on the market. But you have to have the right kind of roof.
  • [9:30] 80% of the power in Germany is from renewables, 50% total is from solar. They are also at a higher latitude than southern Ontario.
  • [10:30] Grid Parity: When the costs of renewables are equal to or less than the cost of traditional electrical options.
  • [18:55] There are lots of storage options when your off the gird. One popular method is getting a bunch of car batteries and using that for storage. Another popular option is aftermarket yacht batteries.
  • [22:15] Microfit – was a government program that let you sell your excess electricity back to the government utility. At the time it was 80 cent per kWh to sell and 7 cents kWh to buy.
  • [26:00] Are electrical vehicles better or worse in the winter?
    • Better – In electric cars there is no need to the tart the car with liquid fuel. They usually always keep a charge. Also, most batteries function more efficiently in the cold.
  • [28:50] Now that Microfit is gone what can we expect from the government?
    • Nothing is really needed anymore. Solar costs have dropped over the last couple of years.
  • [34:50] What are the costs to set up a solar set up and how do you protect yourself from the scammer?
    • Never give the full amount up front.
    • Net metering will save money. Your ROI is equal to the costs of electricity.

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