034: How To Price Your Home Properly With Sean Tasse

Sean Tasse is my guest this week. Sean is a Realtor with Sean Tasse Real Estate.



Sean was born and raised in Ottawa. Before getting into real estate, he was in the automotive industry as the Sales Manager for Lincoln. He felt he could take his skills further by becoming a Realtor.  Sean understands that in order to provide customers with the best service, he must always be developing skills. 

Sean and Kyle talk about what STYFIRE means, what is happening in the 2017 Ottawa market, and how to properly price your house to sell. 



Key Points (Click the timecode to go to that part of the interview)

  • [0:45] What does STYFIRE stand for?
    • Sean Tasse Your Friend In Real Estate.
  • [12:30] When I started in this industry, I worked on a team. I spent years learning both the buying and selling sides from the experts who specialized.
  • [14:20] I find the people who I work with the best are ones who have a passion for something that they are not afraid to share.
  • [15:30] What do you see happening in Ottawa right now?
    • 2017 is on track to be a record year. Driven by the condo market.
    • May 2017 was the biggest month Ottawa has ever seen.
    • I think this growth is a result of the mortgage rules changing.
  • [20:55] Pricing the property correctly could be the difference between selling the house and not selling. Right now the sweet spot for condos is between 150,000 to 250,000 (50% of condo are selling between this range). Single Family Dwelling is between 300,000 to 400,000 (40%).
  • [22:55] You have to price at market value. But, if you price your home below market value, it will drive more offers that will actually bump the price up OVER market value. If you price above market value, you will sell below market value because you will get fewer offers.
  • [28:45] Everyone knows you can sell your house on your own, but if that was the best method then everyone would be doing it. There is a reason they are not.t. Realtors are still the best way to buy and sell a property.
  • [31:35] What are the 3 things people should be looking for in their real estate agent?
    • Someone you get along with.
    • Someone who understands the market.
    • Good negotiation skills.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43HXS1tp-qM]



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