027: Councillor and Deputy Mayor Bob Monette On His Legacy And The Impact Of The LRT

Kyle Miller talks with Councillor and Deputy Mayor Bob Monette for Ward 1 Orléans.


Bob Monette has been Councillor of Ward 1 since 2007 when he won a hard-fought by-election. Before he even thought about public life, he started working at Canada Post but felt it was too limiting, so he became a Realtor. Learning about business and the community, he finally felt that the time was right for him to get into politics. In 1985, he served on Cumberland Township Council before a run at federal politics.

In 1985  he served on Cumberland Township Council before a run at federal politics. As Councillor of Ward 1, he has assisted in cleaning up the Ottawa River and was a key player in the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park as well as the arrival of TD Place. Bob has also been a vocal supporter of Kettle Island as the new location of a future Interprovincial Bridge. Some of his local accomplishments include opening the first community garden in Orléans, the first ever Seniors Park in Eastern Ontario.

Kyle and Councillor Monette talk about what made him run for office, the building of the first senior’s park in Eastern Ontario, and the impact that the LRT will have in the area.

Key Points

  • [07:55] What made you want to run for office?
    • I was always interested in politics.
    • Don Beaudreauel (MPP at the time) encouraged me to run.
  • [10:43] When I ran for the Liberal Party (federal) nomination, I ended up with 7000$ in debt.
  • [18:50] When I first became a Councillor, we thought Orleans would become its own city.
  • [20:15] Events help build community. We just had our first rib fest and I couldn’t believe the turnout.
  • [22:40] Centrum was the first senior’s park in Eastern Ontario.
  • [27:30] What do you think the impact of the LRT is going to be?
    • It’s going to be a game changer for our community.
    • You’re going to see more development along the line.
    • The line will come to Orleans by 2022.
  • [32:00] There is currently a big push to build an employment center (1200 jobs) based in Saint Joseph and Trim Road.
  • [33:50] What is the best piece of real estate advice you have ever received?
    • Any land fronting the LRT will be prime land.


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