026: How Emily Byron Was Able To Own 3 Properties Before The Age Of 30

Kyle Miller talks with a former client Emily Byron, about real estate investing.


Emily bought her first property with her sister at the age of 23 with funds from her job working in the restaurant industry. Today she has 3 properties and is planning for the future.

She shares with Kyle some advice that she has learned along the way and proves it is possible to invest.

Also, check out Emily’s blog post about her experiences.

Key Points

  • [02:50] Instead of moving into my husband’s house, I bought a new place and we moved into that one and kept his property as a rental unit.
  • [06:25] We have had no problems with our tenants. The 2nd property was even easier to manage than the first one.
  • [09:00] When you start to get into real estate investing, everyone will have options. You have to stick firmly to what you want to do.
  • [09:45] I paid for my first house with the income I made working in the restaurants.
  • [12:50] What was the best advice you have gotten about real estate investing?
    • Separate the business from the personal.
  • [13:35] Any advice for people thinking about getting into real estate investing?
    • Do your research on the different markets.


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