025: How To Take Advantage Of The ‘Media’ In Social Media

Kyle Miller talks with Adam Babineau & Rachel Byron, 2 Realtors from Keller Williams.


Adam and Rachel are starting up a new real estate office in Ottawa. They have produced several videos that have been viewed over 200,000 times.

Kyle talks with them about the video and how they are taking advantage of the ‘media’ in social media. They also talk about the current Ottawa market, and why Ottawa is such an interesting place to do business.

Check out Adam and Rachels ‘Team Babs” Facebook page to check out the videos.

Key Points

  • [03:32]A lot of people think we just started because our videos have some popularity, but we actually have years of combined experience
  • [05:30] Facebook has helped focus our marketing. Being able to target Ottawa has been incredible.
  • [07:00] Everyone forgets the ‘media’ in social media.
  • [09:30] What do you love about what you’re doing?
  • [11:40] What does the Ottawa market look like currently?
  • [12:28] I think a lot of people are about to see some major changes in Ottawa.
  • [13:20] Cash is king. The more cash you have, the more options you have.
  • [13:55] The demographic of Ottawa is so diverse, it makes for an interesting market.
  • [16:25] What does it mean to work with a Realtor partnership?


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