024: Why Ottawa Stands Out From The Other Cities In Canada

Kyle Miller talks with Chi Chi Ross, a Realtor with Grenville Guardian.


Chi Chi came to Ottawa from Vancouver, because it was not the right place to start her life. Today, she is a Realtor with passion, honesty, and approachability. She uses the best of technology to get your house sold and to educate.

Kyle and Chi Chi talk about what makes Ottawa stand out, what motivates her, and what the rental market looks like currently. She also shares how young first-time buyers can buy that first home.

Key Points

  • [2:10] Compared to Vancouver, Ottawa is such a good place to get into real estate.
  • [3:50] I chose Ottawa as the place to start my adult life. It had the right formula for everything that was important to me.
  • [5:10] A lot of people invest in rental properties by the major universities.
  • [7:35] Location, location, location.
  • [8:10] My motivations come from my parents mistakes. They lived in Vancouver and did not invest in real estate when they had the chance.
  • [11:40] Do you agree with the notion that the housing marketing in Canada is being affected by foreign capital?
  • [15:10] Ottawa was recently ranked as the number 1 city to live in Canada.
  • [16:23] I just had a couple come from Mississauga and they were shocked at the low taxes.
  • [17:20] What is the difference between working for a large real estate brokerage versus the bouquet brokerage?
  • [20:05]] What’s your philosophy when working with a client?
  • [23:10] As an agent, how is the current rental market?
  • [29:00] My advice to young people is to focus on saving money and making sure you have good credit.
  • [32:15]If you ensure you have great credit and educate yourself, you will be able to succeed in real estate.




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