023: Children’s Wish Foundation – Exile Island

Kyle Miller talks with Tammy Douglas from the Children’s Wish Foundation.


The Children’s Wish Foundation’s Exile Island is Ottawa’s most unique Corporate Challenge fundraiser.  Tribes are banished for an afternoon of competition that will challenge each team member’s mental, creative, physical and philanthropic abilities.  This is an exciting opportunity to go head-to-head with competitors while encouraging your employees to work together to help grant wishes.

Since 2011 tribes have raised over $200,000 enabling many children coping with a life threatening/life limiting illness to be granted their once in a lifetime wish.


The Goal

Your goal is to OUTSMART, OUTPLAY, and OUTPLEDGE your opposing tribes.  Each tribe is challenged to raise $10,000 together, which is the average cost of a wish.  Any amount helps! This generosity ensures that the deserving children and families we serve enjoy the magic of a dream come true.  It is your support that helps grant a child’s wish.

Tribes will be exiled to a top secret location in Ottawa where they will endure a series of challenges that test team member’s mental, creative and physical abilities to determine who is going to be Ottawa’s Ultimate Survivor.  Your prize is the immunity idol and granting a child their most heartfelt wish!

Key Points

  • [1:00] Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • [1:30] We just hit our 25,000 wish granted. We average about 3 wishes per day.
  • [3:40] How did you end up with the Children’s Wish Foundation?
  • [5:25] Let’s talk about Exile Island. What is it?
  • [11:40] What are some of the events that will be happening?
  • [16:30] How can we learn about Exile Island?
  • [19:00] Everyone is welcome to drop in and check out the event.


Get Involved

Be a part of this unique experience and take pride in your efforts knowing that your contribution has had a profoundly positive impact on the life of a child. Exile Island is an opportunity to:

· Provide a fun occasion to engage and energize employees;

· Increase morale and retention while building team spirit and camaraderie;

· Raise your corporate profile and enhance your reputation in the community


Find a Tribe

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