020: Chris Nash Shares His 8 Steps To Finding The Right Home (Part 2)

Kyle Miller talks with Chris Nash from Royal LePage Team Realty.


Chris Nash is a Realtor in Ottawa with Royal LePage Team Realty. Chris prides himself on his ability to provide clear and concise statistics that offer an understanding of the current market in the neighborhood(s) of interest to his clients. He works hard to help someone find their perfect home and will do his best to save you money, time, and apply his professional expertise to find you exactly what you’re looking for.

Kyle and Chris talk about home inspections, why you should use professionals, and what you should be looking for in a realtor. 


Key Points

  • [0:45] Getting a home inspector is one of the things I can’t stress enough.
  • [1:45] What the home inspector finds can be used to help during your negotiations.
  • [2:25] Chris tells a story of a time when someone did not use a professional for home repairs and what happened because of it.
  • [4:00] Questions to ask before you get a home inspector.
  • [10:10] Get a feel for the neighborhood and the neighbors.
  • [13:20] The biggest thing keeping the value of your home, is not keeping up with the repairs of your home.
  • [15:00] Make use of professionals.
  • [19:15] What should you be looking for in a realtor?
  • [23:00] Your Realtor is there to help and should always take your calls.

Steps to Finding the Right Home (Part 2)

  • Get a Home Inspector.
  • Look at the neighborhood.
  • Find out how much the utility costs will be.
  • Ask a Realtor for advice on what professionals to use.

Questions To Ask before You Get a Home Inspector

  • Will the windows need to be replaced?
  • What is the position and health of trees on the property?
  • Do you see any sign of pests?
  • Does the house have any weird smells?
  • Does the house slope away?