018: How Interior Design And Home Staging Can Get Your Home Sold Fast

Kyle Miller talks with Bree and Victoria from AnaLorr Design.


Bree and Victoria are the owners of AnaLorr Design, operating out of Ottawa, Ontario. Their aim is to help you get your home sold efficiently and quickly. Specializing in color, they can determine what colors best suit each individual home.

Bree, Victoria, and Kyle talk about how home staging helps houses sell, how much of the process looks like the popular TV shows, and what it’s like working in the industry.

Key Points

  • [0:50] Do you meet many professionals on social media?
  • [1:50] Tell us about your business.
  • [2:53] As a designer, you can see what should be moved around to help sell a space.
  • [3:50] During home staging, it’s better to use your own furniture then bring in new stuff.
  • [4:30] Home staging should be for prospective home buyers, not you.
  • [8:00] We are not here to take over your house, but we do want to help you sell it.
  • [10:50] Is home staging expensive?
  • [12:20] How much is the process similar to what you see on the TV shows?
  • [16:15] What is the education path like to get into this kind of work?
  • [16:55] You have to keep building codes in mind when designing; you can’t just take a wall out for example.
  • [17:45] There is a difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator.
  • [18:40]How would you grade Ottawa’s decorating skills?
  • [19:35] Is decorating a competitive field?
  • [23:45] What do you feel is some of your best work?
  • [25:00] When picking your designer, make sure you have a good connection with them. Do your research, check their profile and see if you like their work.




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