016: Ed Stroz Explains Why You Should Be Using a Home Inspector

Kyle Miller talks with Ed Stroz about his home inspection business and what the process of a home inspection should look like.


Ed Stroz is Registered Home Inspector (RHI). Member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. Specializing in home inspections: Pre-Purchase inspections and Pre-Listing consultations. Tarion New Home Warranty (30 day, 1 yr, 2 yr) and Pre-Delivery Inspections. Affiliated with Brookfield Relocation Services. Professional Engineer of Ontario. Ed is also the owner of Stroz Inspections & Consulting serving the Ottawa area. Kyle and Ed talk about what qualifications a home inspector needs, what tools he uses, and he tells a story about an encounter he had with a raccoon in the attic.

Key Points

  • [1:00] How did you end up as a home inspector?
  • [2:05] The home inspection industry only started in the late 1970s.
  • [3:30] Can anyone become a home inspector?
  • [4:25] Algonquin College offers a home inspectors course to get you ready for the industry.
  • [4:50] You have to have Errors and Omissions insurance.
  • [7:45] As a home inspector you are giving a professional opinion about the property.
  • [10:28] How important is a crack in the foundation?
  • [13:24] If there is a serious issue with your home we are obligated to tell the realtor and the homeowner.
  • [13:58] Tell us about some of your more interesting inspections.
  • [17:00] Do you ever get push-back because you’re not a specialist in every part of the home maintenance industry?
  • [19:40] Sometimes it’s good to talk to all parties involved to make sure the right recommendation is applied.
  • [20:50] Thermal cameras are the are one the latest gadgets used by home inspectors today, but what other tools do you use that might not be as popular?
  • [24:00] What do you say to people who want to use a friend or family member over a certified home inspector?
  • [26:15] First time home buyers can benefit from a home inspection by learning tips about home maintenance they might not know.
  • [27:00] It’s absolutely fantastic if the home buyer is present at the inspection.
  • [30:19] Is it worth it to get an inspection for a condo or a newly built home?
  • [34:55] What should you be looking for in your home inspector?


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