014: Thinking About Buying a Rental Property? Listen To This Advice

Kyle Miller talks with Shawn, a past client, about his experiences in the Ottawa rental market.


Shawn is a new landlord who shares with Kyle his experience of jumping into the rental market in Ottawa. They discuss why he made the decision to buy a rental property, what kinds of tenants he found, and who helped him with the process.

Key Points

  • [1:10] Tell us about yourself.
  • [1:53] Why did you decide you wanted to buy a rental property?
  • [2:35] What got you to see past the negative connotations of getting into rentals?
  • [3:10] For the most part I heard more positive than negative things from other landlords.
  • [5:14] Who took care of the listing for the rental?
  • [6:10] What were some of the other negatives you were worried about?
  • [8:40] Even if you sell in 10-15 years for the price you bought the property for you will still have made money in the end.
  • [10:53] Did location play a factor in your decision?
  • [11:50] What made you decide on a terraced house over a condo or townhouse?
  • [14:43] What kind of tenant did you end up with?
  • [16:40] Should I buy a rental?
  • [17:10] If you intend to flip after 4-5 years the fees might end up making you lose money. A 10-15 year flip would make more sense.

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